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"The great thing about Woozing is that we knew that all their vendors are superb. This created a fierce competition and we obtained a super deal on outstanding terms.”

Tom Janssen - LBC Tank Terminals

One of the world's largest global operators of bulk liquid storage facilities for chemical and oil products.


“These vendors do all it takes to make it a big success, really great to work in such a setting.”


“Woozing a vendor is super interesting as they take the project and the customer as a starting point, not the vendor. Furthermore, it’s convenient and hassle-free. Due to their independent matching, Woozing found the perfect vendor for us.”

Gert Huysmans - Karlie Group

One of the market leaders for pet supplies in Europe.

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Save Vendor Research

Now, you can skip the vendor research and focus your precious time on those things where you make the biggest difference. Based on algorithms and human curation, we match a restricted number of the best suited vendors to negotiate with.


Independent Advice

We’re NOT the sales channel for a number of vendors. We start from your project and match the best vendors (we also cover startups) local and worldwide. As we’re dependent on your success, we are and have to be independent of any vendor.


Woozing Vendors Go For Success

The vendors we propose get rated by customers like you. The more successful they make our customers, the more they will be selected by our matching algorithm and proposed to our customers.


100% Free

Woozing is focused on making you and the IT vendor successful. IT vendors reward us because we bring them projects they can be successful in. This, in turn, makes it free for you.

3 simple steps to find the best and most suited vendors for your project


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Complete basic project information in seconds.

Select how many vendors you would like to be contacted by.

For many 3 or 4 is an ideal number to put into competition.

Submit your information and we start our matching process.

Simple. Fast. Effective.

2. Matching Vendors

Our mission is to be the foundation of successful projects at the best conditions.

Therefore, our matching not only takes your specific requirements into account but also vendor reviews made by your peers. As ICT projects are often a people business, we further refine with human curation.

3. Contacted by the Best

Only a restricted number (set by you) of vendors will contact you.

Let the competition play and end with the best deal.

"If you want to finish with the best one, you need to start with the best ones."

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